"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

George Bernard Shaw

It’s not what you see now that could be modified. It’s what you don’t see yet that can be magnified. 

I’ve seen clients go from frustrated and depleted to being lit up with enthusiasm within the span of one conversation, simply because they could suddenly see their business in a new way. Not only could they see it with new eyes, the path to getting there became understandable and accessible.

It’s more than updating your website or refreshing your logo. It’s creating an opportunity where you can grow, reshaping the way you think about what you’re doing and opening space to make an impact in ways you never thought of before.

It’s important to acknowledge where you are in your business and what will get you the results you want now. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. There are only options. Trying to figure this out on your own can be very challenging—and limiting. 

One of the things I love most is helping leaders to discover new possibilities for touching people’s lives, for making a difference in ways they didn’t think of before. The creative partnership lets me take your ideas and mold them in new ways. I get to produce something for you online that calls you forward to make the impact you were born to deliver.

I've designed a career where I get to work with greatness.

I’ve worked for and with some amazing entrepreneurs, business masters and thought leaders. In the world of online marketing, I’ve worked for some of the best.

But even more exciting than that is how inspired I become by the people I work with, the ideas I get to nurture, the fires I get to ignite. There’s nothing like the magic of watching a passion come to life, or a person suddenly see possibility they never saw before.

We are stronger together

I’m a digital strategist and design consultant who empowers business leaders to reinvent how they relate to the world with their products and services. I help you reimagine your brand from the inside and the outside. 

From the inside, you can see your strengths and weaknesses, and better understand how you are perceiving your impact and potential. From the outside, you can discover fresh ways to leverage the power of today’s online tools to reach the world in a way that inspires you.

I help you create the vision for what you want to express online, and guide how to put the pieces together. You give me greatness to work with, I give you a way to make it real.

Connect on values, create on vision

I usually start working with a client because we “hit it off” in conversation: we share values and connect well. What keeps us going is the drive of a greater vision, the shared enthusiasm for something fresh.

Reinventing and creating possibilities is refreshing, and your’re not afraid to iterate and adapt. You don’t mind testing and letting feedback guide the process.

You’ve loved learning throughout your entire life, and your business is one of the areas where you are most inspired to keep growing. You get energized thinking about reaching more people because you know you can contribute to their lives with what you have to offer.

You love connecting with people, especially when you feel that spark of humor, wit, honesty, gratitude or joy that can’t be faked. The more your brand and marketing reflect your values and unique approach, the more excited you get about sharing with the world.

It’s more than putting in long hours and hustling to grow your business. It’s about understanding who you’re serving, who you’re working with and being dependable to your team, clients and community.

The fuel for your fire is seeing the potential in yourself, your clients, your business and your projects that others cannot see (yet). 

You know how great it feels to offer something valuable to the world, to give your heart to creating a positive impact. You align with the givers, not takers.

Some history:

  • I grew up running wild in the woods in a small rural area, and returned back to live in the woods a few years ago
  • I have a BFA with a concentration in graphic design
  • I moved to a tiny Caribbean island straight out of college and worked for a venture capitalist by day and repaired computers on the side
  • I taught myself front-end development so I could design and build websites on my own for the first 4 years I was in business 
  • I became interested in online marketing around 2008 and started attending training programs with Eben Pagan, a headlining online marketer at the time. I began working for his company as a marketing coach 2 years later.
  • I’ve since worked with hundreds of clients across industries: tech startups, real estate companies, executive consultants, HVAC companies, health & wellness leaders as well as authors and public speakers.
  • I love design, but I think the reason people choose to work with me is because of my  approach and process for helping them visualize and create something new: the internal process of imagining and planning,  and the external process implementing it.
  • When I’m not working on projects, creating content or coaching clients, you’ll usually find me hiking with my dachshunds,  swinging in a hammock, paddleboarding in a bay or with my nose in a book.

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