Gain Digital Confidence

Learn how you can create a website that impresses clients, make a greater impact in the world and grow your community online (even if you're not technical)

Chelsea O'Brien, Digital Creator

After many implementations and hundreds of hours later, I’ve created what I believe to be the perfect recipe for how to gain confidence with online tools for your business.

Reach more clients. Make a bigger impact.

What if you could reach hundreds—or thousands—more people this week and make a positive impact on their lives?

What if you could connect with them instantly and authentically, knowing you’re making a difference even while you sleep?

If there’s one thing worse than missing the opportunity to do that, it’s knowing that it’s possible and never doing anything about it.

You may think you have to be a popular superstar, with a huge following and a team of assistants to do some of the fancy things you see others doing online: making videos, teaching courses, leading workshops, posting great looking stuff on social media…and so on. I know I did.

I watched people my age and younger (much younger, darn it!) building fans and creating very lucrative businesses online by offering their expertise in a variety of ways. I became fascinated.

I was a freelancing web designer, going to marketing conferences to find new clients. The more I immersed myself in what they were learning about online marketing, the more I wanted to figure out how to do it for myself.

A year later, I started working for one of the leading online marketers as a coach, helping people learn how to create their websites and all the parts of their marketing strategy. Two years later, I created my first online product, an ebook and a course for people that struggled with binge eating. I followed all the steps, built the site, created the course, set up a strategy for getting leads and launched it with excitement.

And it sold! Now, it didn’t sell enough for me to make a living—but that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to prove to myself I could do it.

More than that, what I got from it was confidence.