How To Self-Publish a Non-Fiction Book

There are many reasons for taking on the project of writing and publishing a book (and you better have a good reason, because it’s no small task!). For the purposes of non-fiction books and business, a published book can go a long way towards enhancing your credibility and your status in your professional field.

With self-publishing transforming the industry, anyone can write and publish a book. But just because you CAN publish a book doesn’t mean you should, or that it will benefit you by doing so (a bunch of bad reviews will do more harm than good).

However, if you do have ideas and expertise to share with the world and want to publish, the key is having a marketing and promotion strategy in place and active when you START writing the book. Don’t wait until you finish and then try to figure out how to get the book out to the world. It can take 6-12 months to build a brand around yourself as an author. It also takes that long to create and nurture relationships to get people to want to read and leave reviews, which drives more people to find it.

It can be a game-changer for you as a professional, setting you apart from your competitors. Having a high-quality, printed book to hand out after a speaking engagement sets a bar. It becomes a way to get interviews, speaking engagements and to increase your pricing.

Here are tips for planning your book strategy from the beginning through your release.

Tell me – have you published a book? Have you worked with someone who has?