Aquarian Devices, Aerospace Technology Pioneer

Introducing new technology to the market

Introducing new technology to the market

Competitive analysis       Branding      Presentation Design       Web Design

Project overview

As a startup fueled with passion and credibility, Aquarian Devices was referred to me to revamp their website and presentation materials. Their company has been breaking ground in the aerospace industry with new communication technology.

Aquarian Devices is a company focused on enabling deep space exploration through a revolutionary high capacity communications network. As they picked up media attention, they wanted to update their content and positioning.

This was the original website Aquarian Devices started with.

This was the revised site we created, with updated messaging and a “brochure style” presentation.

Positioning and possibility

Aquarian Devices has a team of professionals seasoned in the aerospace industry, which strengthens the credibility of their groundbreaking product. On their new site, they wanted to offer a brief overview of their technology that would inspire colleagues, investors and the public alike.

Client Persona

A case for market demand

Aquarian Devices wanted a website and slide deck design to support their goals for gaining traction towards their 5- and 10-year goals. Their intention wasn’t to market to the average consumer; they needed to highlight the rising market demand and position themselves as leaders with a vision to support it in the next decade.

Simplifying the complex

As a startup, Aquarian Devices needed to establish themselves with a clear mission and explanation of the problem to be solved. At this stage, developing comprehensive branding wasn’t as important as creating compelling and motivating content.  We worked together to lay out the structure of their message and eliminate unnecessary technical details. The end result was a clean, spacious aesthetic that was easy on the eyes and comfortable to review. As they grow with their vision, so too will their brand become more defined. Here’s to their commitment and pursuit of their revolutionary mission!