Carlos Reynaldo, Mortgage Lender, Speaker and Coach

Reinventing to appeal to a fresh audience

Reinventing to appeal to a fresh audience

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Project overview

For over a decade, Carlos worked in the mortgage lending industry; we started working together in 2013 to build a website for his brand. Over several years, he expanded into executive coaching. He reached out to me when he was ready to shift again. He wanted to circle back to mortgage lending,  incorporating everything he’d gleaned from coaching, and reinvent the old brand.

Based in LA, he was clear on the audience he wanted to target: luxury real estate brokers, mainly in their 30s-40s. Competing for attention in a space filled with extravagant Instagram profiles, YouTube influencers and flashy websites, Carlos aimed to show up with a bold but hip approach. He wanted his messaging to focus on offering value through storytelling, with a little sass and a lot of class.

These are some of the current leading figures in Carlos’s target market.

This was the original site we created in 2013.

This was the update we created in 2015.

Reinvent and differentiate

Carlos knew whose attention he wanted to capture, but the challenge was cultivating a modern style that appealed to younger professionals yet with an edge of authority from having more experience in the market. We started first with designing print ads for the leading real estate publication in LA, the MLS Broker Caravan.

We used The MLS Broker Caravan as a starting point to be seen by the target audience and to stand out among typical ads in the publication.

Client Persona

Class, sass, bad a**...

While there’s a tipping point between being bold and being cliché, Carlos has always leaned towards being on the edge. He wanted to emphasize credibility and confidence from experience, with a flair for going “outside the box” for his clients. Maintaining a clean presentation yet not being too conservative to blend in, we selected colors, photos and layouts that would communicate this quickly.

Researching and analyzing the competition to uncover insights and opportunities

As we began to develop the brand personality, one thing I noticed was how many incredible stories Carlos had from decades in the industry. Some were nuts, some were inspiring, and all were true. I wanted to capture these for his social media marketing, but had to make it easy to do on a regular basis. We created a weekly Skype date to record his stories and give me material to edit and produce YouTube and Instagram video content. Our collaboration continues to evolve!

“Ever so often you come across a rockstar with integrity and vision to work with. Chelsea is that person.”

Carlos Reynaldo
Mortgage Lender & Coach