Doug Hanson, Speaker, Performance Coach, Trainer

Updating a brand for credibility and positioning

Updating a brand for credibility and positioning

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Project overview

Since 1995, Doug Hanson has been offering motivational seminars, team building exercises, and customized trainings to companies of all sizes and industries.

Working with clients like the NFL, Comcast, Whole Foods, Coca-Cola, Kindred Healthcare and more, his reputation and lasting impact has fueled his company for years.

However, to continue to stay competitive and diversify his business offerings, Doug needed a brand and strategy update. While he gets hired by CEOs with decades of experience, his audiences are often in their 20s and 30s. His new “look” and messaging had to establish credibility as well as enthusiasm across the board.

These are some of the other players in Doug’s market.

This was the original site that needed a refresh.

Positioning with a contemporary flavor

With a well-established reputation and great rapport with past clients, Doug’s professional speaking business had been thriving for years. But Doug’s website was now 10 years old, used dated technologies and wouldn’t display properly on mobile devices. With a ton of content, it was a resource that was becoming more of a hindrance than a help to his marketing.

Plus, Doug knew he wanted to create a foundation for future digital programs and offerings to diversify and reach new audiences. He felt his dated presentation wasn’t going to work.

We went to work first to streamline Doug’s existing content, focusing on the primary goal of driving new leads. With punchier headlines, more graphics and design elements, we designed a new website that demonstrated Doug’s personality while showcasing his credibility with dozens of well-known companies.

In addition, we collaborated to enhance his sporadic social media with consistent, authentic and inspiring daily updates.

Doug’s new homepage was designed to showcase the types of audiences he serves, with the credibility of companies he’s worked with and statistics from his career for social proof. We wanted all of this to be communicated clearly and quickly as possible…then leading the viewer down the page to learn about the range of Doug’s offerings. 

Doug had recently created filmed interviews and an online TV show, which gave us fresh content to work with. To compliment those clips, he made a punchy video reel that gave a 1-min taste of Doug’s energy and style.

One of the challenges we had was highlighting that Doug is more than a speaker, since his reputation for over a decade was built on that. We used that to distinguish him from other speakers: with a range of digital products, employee programs and training materials, he can serve corporate clients for the long term. Instead of being a one-time event, his extensive product line offers support for lasting results.

In addition to this new website, we used the branding and tone of the site to inspire Doug’s social media. The updated twist provided consistent content to share with his audience, keeping his brand relevant and fresh.

Brand Persona
team player

Personable and professional

Doug’s business is in a B2B market: he gets hired by companies to speak or to purchase his programs. However, his audiences and messages speak to the individual (to the employees of companies that hire him). Doug has always maintained a professional yet personable tone in his career. One thing I enjoyed in the process was adding the “hand drawn” touch to his brand assets.

Inspiration and expansion

Through the years of working with Doug, he’s created new ways to reach his market and repurpose his volumes of content. Maintaining his positive, inspiring character, we’ve been able to translate that through landing pages, business cards, flyers, email campaigns and social platforms. I value his openness to my suggestions and ideas, because it makes adapting fun instead of overwhelming!