Dr. Dan Engle

Growing a Movement

Growing a Movement

Client research     Competitive analysis     Market positioning     Content strategy      Brand development      Design      Front-end engineering

Project overview

An expert with a broad professional network and esteemed reputation, Dr. Dan had been practicing medicine, focusing on traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and peak performance coaching, for over a decade with no website or online presence. As he finished his first published book, The Concussion Repair Manual, he reached out to build a website for the launch. From there, we expanded to build his personal brand (DrDanEngle.com) and then brought life to Full Spectrum Medicine, an initiative focused on holistic wellness programs and training for peak performance physically, mentally and emotionally. Facing growing trends in neuro-hacking and alternative therapies, Dr. Dan need to differentiate himself and assert a place as a leader in his field.

Different from typical approaches

Dr. Dan Engle was aiming for a specific audience and wanted to differentiate himself from more traditional approaches used by other professionals.

We worked together to envision and execute a strategy that would set apart Dr. Dan’s healing approach from that of traditional practices, using that as a leverage point.

First came the website for his book, The Concussion Repair Manual.

Then, the website for his professional practice, incorporating a similar aesthetic for branding.

Finally, the branding, content, online programs and website for Full Spectrum Medicine.

How do you manage to take my spurts of thoughts and wrap them into something organized and beautiful? It’s awesome!

Dr. Dan Engle
Founder, Full Spectrum Medicine and author, The Concussion Repair Manual