SJ Morse Company

Taking Existing Success Into New Frontiers

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Project overview

SJ Morse is a full-service architectural wood veneer manufacturing company. They have a specific niche of clients in a niche industry. For over 30 years, they’ve built a reputation of excellence for custom woodworking. The company’s ability to adapt to their market needs has kept them thriving. We began with a focus on upgrading the backend workflow with a new digital platform.

As that project took shape, a global pandemic hit. As the world shifted and adapted, so did the market for architectural projects. Digital Reinvention is helping SJ Morse by reinventing their digital marketing and website to engage new markets in new locations. This project involves competitive analysis, product research, strategic positioning and digital media.

This project gave us a two-fold opportunity.

One, to explore strategies for finding leads in new markets. SJ Morse hadn’t explored digital marketing, and wasn’t familiar with how it could be utilized for their particular needs.

Two, to optimize the workflow within the company operations. We wanted to streamline the production by moving from a paper-based format to digital.

A digital reinvention can strengthen what’s already working.