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Opening the doors to a new business model

Opening the doors to a new business model​

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Project overview

With a 10+ year reputation established in South Florida as college planning consultants, College Funding Specialists, Inc. had a flourishing business. We started working together because they had a desire to serve a different market segment—-schools and organizations, not just individual families. 

Already providing services at capacity, they were looking for creative ways to reinvent their brand and offerings. They saw a gap in the market for customized college planning advice, and wanted to grow their business to serve on a larger scale. They wanted to grow the business in a way that could evolve with them, and still be manageable with their current situation.

These are some of the competitors in the market.

This was the original site.

Reinvent and differentiate

Starting with hosting webinars and live calls, we recorded and created volumes of content: tutorials, video courses, presentations, and eBooks. The client would record tutorials to answer common FAQs, and my team would edit, transcribe and produce them for multiple delivery platforms. With this new content, we created an online “academy” with courses for high school students and parents. We renamed their business, from College Funding Specialists to Your College Concierge.

Simplify redundant steps in one-on-one service delivery with a new digital product funnel

When we started working together, the consulting business was steady and strong. But the client had no way to grow, because their plates were full servicing clients. Based on the most common concerns and interests from their clients, we created programs and training materials from the ground up. At the same time, we created a digital content strategy and lead generation funnel to reach a completely new audience.

Our team then added a focused mobile app with bespoke offerings, a custom college search tool, a college cost calculator, a timeline/calendar with instant messaging for both guidance counselors and students to stay on track and communicate.

Diversify and strategize

We wove this into a marketing strategy, writing copy for their email marketing, managing social media and ad campaigns, orchestrating book launches, and producing a podcast with them.

Reinvent the brand experience

With a name change, new product offerings and a new target audience, Your College Concierge’s entire website was redesigned to position them in a new way, different from local area college advisors and test prep consultants. Now they were running an online academy with digital tools and had a complete product funnel.

“First a website, then an online academy with courses, then a mobile app…our work together continues to evolve.”

Peter Ratzan
Founder, Your College Concierge