This Is Why Branding Is Not a Logo

“Branding” is a term that is used to refer to things like logos, style guides and business cards. While those are the results of branding, branding is more about psychology. Branding is an impression. A company’s brand is the impression a person has when they think of a company.

Companies that invest in fine-tuning the details of everything–from their online forms to the boxes they ship products in to the social media presence–communicate a sense of reliability to their customers.

If everything is dialed in aesthetically, every webpage functions seamlessly, every social media post is thoughtful, every box is packaged neatly, every customer service interaction is helpful…it builds trust. If your customers can trust in your brand, you’ll build loyalty that you can rely on to grow and thrive.

This kind of loyalty can’t be bought with flashy ads, a series of Instagram posts, or a spot on a news show. This is the loyalty that comes from people trusting in the integrity of a brand. It takes longer to build, but it will last much longer than a trending event or social media blast.